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YoutubeBacklinks catalogs video description box text for Youtube channels with a focus on making the links, products and discount codes found within them easily searchable.

** The site is still under development and acts more like a "proof of concept". If you have any suggestions on how the site could be more useful, I'd love to hear it! Please email **


The Short

I'm Steph! I'm a programmer, dog mom and wine enthusiast.Programmer with her dog at a winery.

The Long

As someone who grew up following aesthetic youtube vloggers and wanting to curate a life like theirs, I was stoked to move to a brand new apartment earlier this year with my partner and pup. I watched a lot of youtube vidoes to get inspiration on how to fill the new space, everything ranging from house decor and furniture to tech recommendations and culinary essentials.

The youtubers I watch often review or mention products in their videos, and will link the product (usually with a discount code or affiliate link) in the description box. However, finding the link when I needed it days or weeks later was always an arduous process. I would have to sift through multiple videos in my history before getting the right one since the native Youtube search box doesn't search through all of the description box text.

That's the main reason I created this web app. The search engine behind YoutubeBacklinks prioritizes description box text, and it also displays description boxes for multiple videos in one screen so it makes it easier to sift through and find what you're looking for.

I hope this site can be as useful to you as it is to me! Feel free to add a new channel by filling out this form.

The Technical

If you're here because I mentioned this in my resume or a job application, the tech stack that I used to create the site:
  • Wrote an ETL pipeline in GoLang that extracts data from the Youtube API and loads it into Firestore, a document-oriented database
  • The backend is a RESTful service written in Golang that creates and loads data to a Typesense search engine to send queries to
  • The frontend is a NextJS React app written in Typescript with TailwindCSS for styling
  • The site is deployed to Google Kubernetes Eninge using kustomize files
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