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1) Do I need to do anything?
No, simply enter your Youtube video urls inside your dashboard. Submit 1 or all of them based on your plan type. You can change out your dashboard every month if you like or leave indefinetly and we will continue to promote the videos inside your dashboard.

2) How does this help my ranking in Youtube / Google?
Youtube and Google are based on internal and external algorithms. We do all the internal and external promotions that are proven to increase rankings, which leads to more traffic, leads and sales.

3) Are you using robots or other black hat techniques?
No, we are part of large exchanges of real people that will interact and engage with your videos. The end result is higher rankings as Youtube and Google see your video is worth talking about, favoriting, viewing, liking, subscribing, social sharing, and embedding on highly trusted websites.

4) Do you have a Guide on best practices when uploading my videos to Youtube?
Yes, once you signup you'll receive the free pdf bonus which is very indepth on all the possible ways to set your youtube video up for success when uploading.

5) Who is this service for?
Marketing Agencies (resellers)
Local Businesses (bonus pdf guides included)
Struggling Youtube Channels/marketers
Retail Locations looking to Market Online
Affiliates and Entreprenuers

6) Power user? Need a larger plan?
Be sure to use the contact form to get in touch and we'll get you setup